Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Randomness, List-style

1.  Blake had a class field trip today.  They went to the town park and ate sack lunches and played most of the afternoon.  They went to the Dairy King before going back to school.   Blake came home hot and sweaty and had a lot of fun.  He also had a big goose egg on his eyebrow.  I asked him what happened, and he said, "A bug did it.  I catch him."  Thankfully. the weather held out and didn't rain, though it looks like it could anytime.

2.  Eric is away on business this week.  He only left yesterday, but Drew is mildly obsessed with wondering when Daddy's coming home.  I think he misses his gargling.  (among other things)

3.  Drew is looking for his drumsticks, his most prized possession.  I have been trying to teach the kids about prayer, so whenever they can't find something, I suggest we ask Jesus for help.  At first, they didn't like the idea and said, "No, YOU help."  But whenever we ask Jesus for help, we almost always find what we're looking for.  Then, when we find it, we remember to thank Jesus for his help.

4.  I have to work early tomorrow.  I am a little nervous about it.  Not because I am nervous about cooking for my coworker, but the last time I did it, Drew was very upset by the change in his routine. Eric's mom is coming over to get the kids off to school, so hopefully they'll be ok with the change. 

5.  The boys have 12 more days of school.  And I have 13.  I am so stoked about it!  It's funny because I am always glad when school's out, but I am always glad when it starts back up, too. 

6.  We enrolled the kids in summer camp again this year.  It is on Tuesdays from 8-3.  I haven't mentioned it to them, yet, but I know they will be excited.