Sunday, May 22, 2011

We've almost made it

Four more days of school and we've survived another school year.  I am so proud of my boys!

This year was especially challenging for Drew.  He transferred from a small private school for kids with special needs to our public school with 450 kids.   He conquered his fear of the stairs and now goes up and down two flights several times every day.  He goes through the lunch line, tells the server what he wants and sits in a crowded cafeteria while he eats.  He has gone on several field trips with his grade and enjoys gym class, where he now jogs laps if he's not into what they're doing.  He knows many of his classmates by name and has adjusted quite well to his new school.  He had a new teacher, Mrs. Stueve, who was wonderful with him, and his longtime aide, who has endless patience with him. 

This was Blake's second year at school and he went into it with as much gusto as he does with everything.  He has met most every goal we set forth on his IEP.  One thing we're especially pleased with is his increase in computer skills.  At the beginning of the year, he didn't have a lot of computer skills, but now he is great on the computer.  Many times I am amazed at what he has learned. He went to his first classmate birthday party this year, a karate themed event.  He thought it was great fun.  He loves being with his classmates and always encourages them to "Come on, guys!" and "Come with me!"  No social anxiety there.  :)  At one point in the year, he needed a finger skateboard so he could send it down the playground slide like the other boys at recess.

I call the year a success.  We're very proud of our boys!


Lisa said...

It sounds like they grew/developed by leaps and bounds this year!

Kim C said...

Most definately a success!! Congrats, it's easy to see how proud you are of them both!