Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day camp and the people who run it

When people talk to me about my boys and Fragile X, a lot of times the conversation ends with me saying, "We've met a lot of wonderful people" because of Fragile X being in our lives.  That is a massive understatement.

Family aside--and they are quite wonderful--the people who work for the county board of disabilities are an amazing group.  They are there because they care about people with special needs. They aren't there just to get a paycheck or because it's an easy job.  It's definitely not that.

We enrolled the boys in the same day camp they were in last year. Last year, when I left Drew and Blake, Blake was hesitant, but Drew wouldn't even go in.  He stood by the front doors and that is where I left him.  And that's where he was when I got back.  As it turned out, he wasn't there the whole time, but it worried me when I got there.

They met new people and reacquainted themselves with people who they knew from preschool.  And by the end of summer last year, they were excited when it was camp day.

This year, they were both excited about camp.  I was at the registration table outside the doors taking care of permission slips and things.  My boys were standing around and not going into the building, when Brian came out.  He's a favorite of my boys.  Everything is a-ok when Brian is there.  Someone told him that the Meyer boys were there, so he came out to get them.  Do you think my boys even said goodbye to their mama?  Of course not.  They skipped off happily with Brian, saying, "Arrrrggghh" like a pirate.  I guess that's one of his hoops he has to jump through for Drew.  But he doesn't seem to mind. 

And I thoroughly enjoyed having from nine to three to myself.  When I got back, Drew was in the gym watching a game of Duck, Duck, Goose, which Blake was participating in.  And Blake was having a blast!  He saw me and was not happy.  He ignored me and continued to play.  I didn't want to interrupt his fun, since I had arrived a few minutes early.  Another one of the workers, Kim, someone I've known since Drew was a baby said hi to me.  Then she said, "Your boys are so sweet.  They have the best manners!"  Of course that made my day.  I love the feeling of having my kids genuinely liked.   All too often I feel like my kids are tolerated more than liked by people, so it makes me happy when others like them for the cool kids they are. 


Lisa said...

What a great story!

KimC said...

I know for a fact that your boys are very loved!! And Brian (isn't he a gem!??!) loves to be with them...he gets a kick out of both boys, and we all get a kick out of the 3 of them being pirates!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your boys have always had the best manners.