Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drew's Birthday Party

Drew loved his birthday this year!  He has never been too excited about birthday parties and last year we even debated about whether we should have one this year.  I am so glad we did. 

When he got up this morning, I asked him if he wanted his presents now or later.  He said, "Presents now!"  He told Eric Happy Birthday, to prompt Eric to say it back to him repeatedly.  We went to McDonald's for lunch. 

Before the party, Eric gave Drew a deep pressure back pounding at Drew's request.  When the guests showed up, he was raring to go.  He opened gifts happily. 

This was one of the gifts from my mom and dad, a beanbag toss game.  Kind of like mini-cornhole.

This was a lunch bag from Eric's mom and dad.  They also got him a toy saxaphone and two DVD's.

He got a bow and arrow set from his Aunt Annette, Uncle Ed and Jessica.  He really seemed to like it.  I think the rubber bands that he has to pull back will give him good sensory imput and may end up being calming. 

He got MarioKart from my sister and her family.  He opened it so fast I didn't get a picture of it.  I don't think he understood what it was really, but tomorrow I will try to teach him how to use it.  (after I figure it out!)

We decided to do cake a little different this year.  We usually drag Drew into the dining room where he sinks under the table while we sing to him.  He gets agitated and retreats to his bedroom.  This year what happened was he was in the living room with most of the guests, so I lit the candles and brought his big birthday cookie into the living room. We sang while I was bringing it in.  He still put his head down, but at least he was smiling.  We all blew out the candles, so he didn't have the pressure to do that.  And guess what?  He didn't even have to have a sensory retreat!

You might be able to see that he has a smile on his face even though he is not looking toward the cookie or the camera. 

While everyone was eating their cookies and ice cream, Drew asked me if he could watch Rango.  I said sure and I took a couple more pics of him. 
I call it a major success. He went to bed a happy boy and told me that his birthday was tomorrow. I guess he wanted to do it all over again.


Anonymous said...

He really did have a good birthday this year, didn't he. He seemed happy all evening. Mom