Monday, November 28, 2011

Drew's coat woes

When the boys arrived from school today, I went out to open the door for them and Drew was crying.  Mrs. H. said that Drew's zipper pull on his coat was smushed and wouldn't zip.  Drew was bawling, "Ibrokeit, Ibrokeit, it'sbroken, ohnoit'sbroken!"  I told him that  I could fix it, not to worry.  I went in the house and attempted to fix it.  Well, shoot, wouldn't you know it? but the thing fell apart into my hands.  Just like Blake's zipper pull fell apart a few weeks ago on his new fall coat.  My kids are hard on zippers.  Anyway, I decided I was going to go back to the store with it and see if it was returnable.  I threw it in the washer to make sure it looked decent (not slobbered up from his crying) and when I got it out of the dryer, one of the seams had come loose and it was about five inches of frayed nylon.  Well, that made another reason to return it. 

Eric was going to be gone tonight to work on a friend's computer.  I was going to try telling Drew he could just wear his old coat tomorrow, but I knew that wouldn't cut it. That's something that could potentially mess up his whole day.   I looked on to see if a store nearby had the same coat in his size.  They did not.  The website said that a store about 40 miles away had it available.  I called the store just to be sure.  The girl on the phone was really nice and looked and looked but said they didn't have it. So I called another store, this one 55 miles away.  They had it and said they'd hold it for me.  I called my mom to tell her about the whole situation and she said she and my dad could watch the kids while I went to get it. 

I told Drew that I was going to get him a new coat.  He was thrilled.  He said, "You going to fix it?  Really?"  I told him that no, I couldn't fix it, but I was going to get him another one.  I dropped them off at Mom and Dad's house and headed to Beavercreek.  Of course it was rainy and ugly out, but it wasn't snow, so I am not complaining.

I brought the coat in and explained what happened.  I wasn't sure if it was returnable, but I had my receipt and only bought the coat three weeks ago.  The girl said it was not a problem and exchanged it for me. 

I got home around nine and my parents had put the kids to bed and everything.  How sweet. Drew's going to be so happy tomorrow when his coat's fixed.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got one for Drewy. You r such a good mommy! Love u! Kel

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

All for a coat - which you're right, can make or break a whole day. Yay for JC Penney for being so good about taking the coat back!

Lisa said...

Great save Mom!

Kari said...

What we do for our kiddos!! Ha! Glad you were able to get one. :-)