Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fill-ins

1. How can I be tired when I just got up?!

2. Yesterday, it started to snow. "They" said it was going to be bad.  People were getting groceries.  But, thankfully it didn't stick on the roads or sidewalks.  It is extremely windy, so who knows what the day will bring, but for the morning commute, I think we're in the clear.  Not that I have anywhere to go. 

3. And since we got up a little late today, I actually helped get the boys ready for school.  Eric has been handling that since I got home from the hospital.

4.  I won't be drinking anymore spirits, as it can cause pancreatitis to flare up.  Not wanting to do that again.  At all.

5.  Where did I end up finding some bigger seamless socks for Drew?  We used to get some from Gymboree for him, which he like just fine, but his feet are getting too big.  I ordered the socks on Saturday night, and we still haven't gotten them, though. 

6.  My homemade potato soup is one of my favorite meals when it's cold out.

7.  And as for the weekendEric has to go into work tomorrow morning.  Other than that, I think we don't have any plans.  Well, church on Sunday, but that's pretty much a given. 

Have a great weekend!