Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blake's Dentist Appointment

A few years ago, I took the boys to the dentist. Neither one was especially cooperative. Over the summer, Drew had his teeth cleaned and and ten baby teeth extracted. He had to be under general anesthetic for it. It went well, so we recently scheduled for Blake to have it done as well. Today was the big day. We had to be at Children's Medical Center at 6:30, which meant we got up at 4:00 am. Well, Blake didn't get up until 5:00.

Anyway, my mom came over and stayed with Drew for us. We got to the hospital and checked in. They apologized and told us that their first appointment scheduled cancelled this morning, so they would be fast-tracking us through. We were pretty happy about that. The shorter the wait, the better!

They took us to a pre-surgery room and got Blake's vitals and our insurance info. They gave him a gown to put on. Actually it was a top and a pair of pants.

 Not too long after, they gave me a syringe of medicine, Versed, to give him. He took it nicely and started to get a little woozy. We got him into the bed and tried to get him to relax. Eric patted his back. When they took him off for surgery, Blake never even looked up.
A little while later, someone stopped in to tell us that he went under the anesthesia well, and surgery was underway. And hour later, the dentist came in to tell us what he did. He extracted two teeth and filled three. He also cleaned them and put sealant on them. He said Blake would be in recovery for 45 minutes, so Eric went down to see a former coworker in the IT department.

After awhile, they brought Blake back. He still had his IV in and was very groggy. He looked at me with glassy eyes while the nurse gave after care instructions. Apparently he remembered his ride in the bed to and from the OR, because he kept saying, "push me".  He liked the nurse's purple gloves, so she gave him a pair to play with. 

I gave him some apple juice to drink and they set about getting him discharged. Eric returned and we got Blake dressed. It was like getting a limp ragdoll dressed, since he was so out of it. After he was dressed, he sat on my lap and stated to wake up a little. Eric went for the van and we got Blake loaded into a wheelchair. He liked that, too. They warned us that he'd be tired and would probably sleep this afternoon, but they don't know Blake. There were no naps here. At least not by Blake. Eric and I took turns taking naps ourselves, though. He is doing well and has eaten mashed potatoes, a butter bread, and an oatmeal cream pie. And his balance is back to normal. No more walking around like a drunkard. Children's was great,and I would highly recommend Dr. Hensley to anyone with kids like mine!


Lisa said...

Glad to hear you had a good experience and it went well.

Jerri Franceschi said...

Blake was a brave boy! I am also glad to hear that everything went well and that his teeth are fixed already. It's a good thing that Blake enjoyed his hospital visit as well.

Pearl Cook said...

It's good to know that Blake's dental appointment went well compared to last year. He went through a lot in this procedure. You can see in the photos that he became a bit dazed after the surgery. He must've felt so exhausted that time. I really commend him for being courageous.

Pearl Cook @ Summerbrook Dental Group

Jairo Chavez said...

A degree of anesthesia is really required when it comes to a dental surgery like this. It will certainly make a person feel dazed and nauseated -- the lingering side effects that people usually get from taking anesthesia. Well, we all need it to numb the pain. It's fine because the patient will go back to his natural state of mind after a while.

Jairo Chavez @ Spring Branch Dental