Monday, June 10, 2013


We are on day 9 or 10 of the weaning process of Arbaclofen.  It stinks, guys.  I tried to be positive about it and hoping it wouldn't be that bad.  But it is.  Really.

Drew has been biting the heck out of his hand.  I've noticed lots more hand flapping, screeching and squawking.  Also, he's been hitting me and pulling my hair, and punching himself in the face, things he never even did much of before the drug trial.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Party City.  Drew did ok in the store until I noticed him holding himself.  I asked if he had to go to the bathroom.  He said he did, so I asked a clerk where the restrooms were.  Well, this Party City didn't have public restrooms, but she said we could use it anyway.  We had to go through the swinging doors in the back of the store, but be careful, because there is a lot of stuff stacked up in the back room.  He was really prancing around, so I grabbed his hand and off we went.  We got to the doors and he stopped and dropped to the ground.  He started crying and biting his hand, saying,"I can't!  I don't have to go to the restroom!"  I tried to convince him it was ok, but he saw the dark back room with the stacks of boxes.  There was no way he was going in there.  I went and got my sister and asked her to try.  No such luck. 

I told him it was ok, that we'd go to the store next door and use their restrooms.  I assured him that they had normal restrooms.  We walked next door to Dick's Sporting Goods and I asked where the restrooms were.  And of course, they were in the back of the store.  We got back there and Drew again stopped and bent over in half, saying, "No restrooms!  I can't go to the bathroom.  I CAN'T USE!  I CAN'T USE!"  I tried everything I knew and we had to have been back there fifteen minutes or more.  Drew hit me and pulled my hair.  He punched himself in the face, bit his hand and cried.  There were several people gawking at us as they went in and out of the restrooms.  I usually try to tell people at least that he has special needs or something, but really, this was worse than I'd seen in forever and I was just trying to get him to the toilet before he went in his pants. 

After awhile, I realized that it wasn't going to happen.  We went back to Party City where my sister was with Blake.  We went on to Target.  Kelly bribed Drew with the use of her iPhone if he went to the bathroom.  He wanted that to work, but couldn't get through the doorway of the restroom.  Stupidly, I pushed him.  He pushed back and I went down on the floor of Target, like the fool that I am.  We somehow got him in and he relieved himself.  We walked around Target, which went ok, except that he kept telling me to get away from him, which hurt my feelings.  Not that that matters. 

The rest of the trip was happily uneventful.  But we got home and I put the kids to bed.  Drew kept getting up, crying.  And when I did get him back in bed, he'd cry out in his sleep.  Eventually, I brought him in bed with me (Eric is away from home right now) and he kept tossing and turning and reaching out to feel for me.  Around three in the morning, he went back to his own bed and slept until 5:30-6:00.

This morning was raining and dreary out.  This was upsetting to him, so he cried and bit his hand.  Thank God the sun came out this afternoon.

We have Vacation Bible School this evening and I am not sure how that is going to go.  I am in charge of crafts, so hopefully he will be able to handle it.  Otherwise, my mom said she could watch him.

Stupid changes.  I hate them.


Tina Thompson said...

Continuing to pray! We love you...and don't worry about VBS! Family first! We will work things out if you can't make it.

Kristiem10 said...

Oh, I'll be there, don't worry.