Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer with the X-Men

Well, we have our first month of summer break over.  It has gone so fast! We've completed another season of Sluggers Little League.  It was once again a great experience for the boys.  We got the whole season in before Drew had to start weaning from his Arbaclofen, so it was pretty successful for him.

Blake also enjoyed himself.  He looked forward to every game.  We went to a birthday party, which was also a cookout.  We all had a nice time there.

We started weaning Drew from his medicine and had some challenges.  Eric left us for two weeks to first go on a business trip and then on a fishing trip.  (I know he enjoyed the fishing trip, not so sure about the business one)  We had Vacation Bible School, which was a smash hit!  This was the only bright spot during the weaning of Arbaclofen.  I was afraid Drew wouldn't be able to enjoy it, but he did--a lot.  Kelly was Blake's helper, and he liked that, too. I was in charge of crafts.  We didn't have any major disasters, so I'll call that a success as well. 

Drew, Blake, and my nephew Kyle started going to ENG camp this summer, which is a day camp for kids with special needs.  It is every Monday (except today!) and they look forward to that, too.  Kyle comes over here in the morning and rides to camp with us.  Kelly picks them up after camp and drops Drew and Blake off.  I get from 9:00 in the morning until 3:30 kid-free.  It is so nice!  I love my boys, but I do appreciate a break, too.

Eric's mom and dad gave Blake a family pool pass for his birthday.  We've used it a couple times so far.  Our whole family went one time, and I took the boys by myself one time. It is a bummer that we're supposed to have so much rain this week, or we'd be going again! I am sure it will get used many more times before the season ends.  They love it!

On days we haven't had anything else going on, Blake has been riding his bike, a favorite thing of his.
And Drew loves to play with our water table, which is made for someone about three or four years old.  I need to put it higher so he doesn't have to bend down so far to play with it!

Anyway, there's a brief update on what we've been doing so far this summer!