Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December already??!!

The past month has flown by!  We have been doing some renovations to our home.  We put in hardwood flooring and replaced the carpet in the bedrooms and toyroom. We replaced all the baseboards and wood trim, and all the doors as well.   The boys didn't like the chaos, but handled it like troopers.  I shuffled them between relatives' houses after school until bedtime for a week straight!  Things are settling down, though the changes are not completed yet.  We still have a fair amount of painting to have done and our new furniture for the living room is not in yet.  I'll post pictures when it's all done.

For the past week or so, Blake has been asking if it is Christmas yet and asked about putting the tree up.  Eric told him that we needed to get new floors done before we could get the tree out.  So, finally he put the tree up last night.  Blake was thrilled.  He kept saying, "Christmas?  Santa be here in two minutes?  Where's cookies?"  Things like that.  I made him a calendar to show him that it was December first and we will mark off the days until Christmas, but that didn't convince him.

He helped put the star on the Christmas tree last night.  Most people put that on last, but Eric wanted to make Blake happy, so he let him do it as soon as the tree was up.

  This morning, Blake said, "Hey, where's presents?  Is it Christmas?"  Apparently the calendar was pointless.  :)