Monday, March 3, 2014

The "Me Bag"

Drew had to do a project where he found pictures and glued them to a brown paper bag. The pictures were to represent things that described him or showed things he likes.  He had to put two things about himself that people might not know on a paper on the inside of the bag.  We worked on it and Drew did most of the work himself.  He seemed to enjoy the project. Today his paper bag came back home with little slips of paper written by his classmate with something about him.

 Here are some things they wrote:

Drew, you are one of a kind and a jokester.  You make me laugh everyday and I am glad we are buds.

You are really good at Temple Run.  Snakes!

Drew, you always brighten my day.

Drew you are really fun to be around and are very good at Temple Run.  Snakes!

I like how you always say hi to people in the hallway.

Drew you are funny because when you come in the room you make everyone happy.

You did a good job (on your project)

Drew, you always brighten my day

Drew, you have a great sense of humor and make me laugh!

You're super funny and awesome and great at Temple Run.

Drew:  You're a good friend and funny.

Drew, hey Drew, thanks for being my friend and always making me laugh.  Thanks Drew 

I know this was an assigned project, but it really made this mama's heart happy to hear things said about her boy.  He said he was going to keep them on his dresser.