Sunday, April 27, 2014


We had our first practice for Sluggers Little League today.  The first couple years, Drew didn't play at all.  Then he was on Arbaclofen and he was able to play.  He's been off Arbaclofen for going on a year now, and he's doing considerably well.  So I was optimistic about today's Sluggers practice. 

We got there and parked in the correct parking lot (read: same lot as last year) and Drew said he was not getting out of the van.  Eric and Blake went ahead and I told Eric I'd be along shortly with Drew.  Drew got out and stood by the van.

 He asked where Uncle Tony was.  I told him Uncle Tony was there, and pointed out the truck I thought (incorrectly) was his.  I think Drew knew it wasn't Tony's truck.  You know that Fragile X attention to details!  Anyway, a dog on a leash came near, so that was the catalyst that got Drew hurrying toward the diamond. 

We got there and realized that Tony wasn't there after all.  Eric and Blake came over with shirts and hats.  Drew wouldn't change into his Sluggers shirt.  Apparently he was too attached to the too-small OSU shirt he picked out for himself. 

Eric and Blake went toward the diamond and Drew and I hid by the bathroom, with the pretense of waiting for Uncle Tony.

Apparently Eric was having his own troubles with Blake.  Blake had hit and kicked him several times.

Uncle Tony arrived and we went to the diamond.  Kyle, who also has Fragile X-- and a broken foot-- wasn't sure he wanted to go out and practice.  Eric got him to go out there and Uncle Tony tried to coax Drew. 
It was a valiant effort, but it was unsuccessful.  He eventually scooped Blake up and went in the outfield with Blake.  Kyle practiced his pitching and catching with the coach while Eric and Tony tried to get Blake to participate.  He did his classic avoidant behavior, by dropping to the ground and hiding his head between his knees. 

They eventually got Blake to participate some, and when no one was near us, I picked up a ball and threw it back and forth with Drew.  He usually threw it away from me on purpose, making me run for it and buying himself a little time.  He tried to catch the ball a couple times, though he didn't wear his glove. 

And he batted off the tee a couple times:

Blaker was placed in timeout for throwing rocks at me and Eric. 
He was not too impressed. 

In the end, we considered it a success.  I know that may sound weird to some.  But we got both boys in there, and they both participated to some extent.  There were no total meltdowns and no one even cried!  Including me!  We had a small reward of picking up pizza and breadsticks on the way home.