Friday, April 17, 2015

Tough Subject

I get so used to helping Drew do every day things that I forget how much he is growing up. Today at school while doing his work, Drew said "if God is mad at you, you will die."  His aide and teacher were surprised and asked where he heard that. He said, "Pastor Jim". Now I know that's not exactly what was said, but that must be the conclusion he drew from the sermons he listens to.  So, I asked him about it. At first he didn't want to talk about it. I said, "Is God mad at you, Drew?"  He said, "No, I was good!"  

Drew knows what punishment is and has even recently started using the word, especially when he thinks his brother needs it. 

I said to Drew, "Do you know how when you do something bad, you get a punishment?  Well, Jesus took our punishment for all the bad things we do. Remember how Jesus died on the cross?"  

 "Yeah, poor Jesus!" he said. 

I said,  "When Jesus died on the cross for us, God was mad at him for a little bit. But Jesus didn't stay dead. He came back to life and showed us that God is not mad anymore.  When we die, if we believe in Jesus, we will be with Him in heaven."   

He said, "And Jesus is in my heart."  I said, "is Jesus in your heart?" He said, "Yes. And Kevin, too." (Kevin is his friend who he sits with every week)

Not sure if I handled the conversation properly, but it tells me he is listening and starting to figure things out on his own. Looking forward to more God talks with him.