Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meltdown of epic proportions

So, we had plans for Drew to meet his new teacher before school starts. We made arrangements with her and planned to meet Drew's aide at the school.  I precisely planned the timing of telling Drew about it. He seemed to take it pretty well. Blake knew about it but didn't make a big deal about it, either. Blake started talking about how he wanted to sit in the front seat. I told him he needed to sit in the back today and to let Drew sit in the front seat. Sometimes when Drew sits in the back and gets nervous, I have a very hard time getting him out. I figured it would be easier to get Drew out of the front seat than the very back of the van.  

We all got ready and while I was turning things off in the house, Blake ran out to the van and got in the front seat and buckled in. I scolded him and told him to get in the back, but he refused. Drew was getting agitated about it and climbed into the backseat. I decided to not make a big deal about it, because I wanted to keep them both calm and happy.

We got to the school and Blake was quite agitated. He repeatedly lock the door when Drew wouldn't get out of the van. Thankfully, I had my keys with me and was able to unlock the doors. Eventually Drew got out and went inside the school with his aide. At this point, Blake was very agitated and wouldn't get out of the van. I let Drew go in and told his aide that I would wait in the van for him.

After a few minutes, his teacher came outside. I had gotten Blake calmed down at this point and he came in the school with me. I was able to go in the classroom and talk with the teacher. Drew waited in the hallway for the most part.

Blake slammed the classroom door and ran out to the van, which was right outside the door. I knew the parking lot was pretty much empty, so I didn't follow immediately. After finishing up my conversation with the teacher and aide, (just a minute or two later) I went out to the van. Blake was all ready coming back towards the building. He said, "I broke the van it is broken."  I got in the van to check it out, and sure enough, he had pulled the sun visor off. The plastic was actually broken. Drew freaked out and started yelling, "he broke it he broke it Mom the van is broken!" I agreed, but tried to stay very calm about it, even though I was upset about it. When we got home I called my mom to see if she could come over while I ran the van up to the car dealership to see what they thought about it. Too bad I didn't call her to see if she could watch Blake while Drew and I went alone to the school!  Anyway, she came over and I brought the van to the car dealership. They looked up the part, which needed to be replaced completely. It is going to cost $143 to fix! It was an expensive visit to the teacher.