Saturday, August 17, 2013


My kids' behavior has been quite the challenge this summer.  Yesterday, Drew's aide, Mrs. H. rode with us to the junior high building to visit Drew's classroom. I should have known better than to have taken Blake with us.  That was mistake number one.  Blake had been awake since three o'clock the previous morning and was agitated himself.  My second mistake was not visiting the school starting earlier in the summer.  In my defense, they reassigned classrooms and the teacher just got in his new room.  

I explained what was going to happen and I made a visual schedule.  Drew refused to get dressed at first.  I eventually got him into his clothes.  Mrs. H. arrived and we headed up the street to the school.  We got there and both boys refused to get out of the van.  

Mrs. H. has a key and  unlocked the door they will be using.  I held the door while she tried to coax Drew to come in.  We switched places and I tried to convince him.  Blake went right in and got in one of the lockers, much to our horror.  They are combination lockers and Mrs. H. and I visualized having him lock himself in and us not knowing the combination.

Plus, the outside door automatically locked, so one of us had to hold the door open.  Well, Blake was all worked up because Drew wasn't cooperating, so he went out and bit him before I could stop him.  That didn't help.  

Mrs.  H. and I went ahead and checked out the classroom without him.  I was appalled to discover a room that looks like a storage room.  Nothing unpacked with boxes everywhere.  

We left and brought Mrs. H. back home.  Later I was thinking about how to help the situation, so I went back and made a video of going into the school, and of his classroom.  Hoping that disaster room doesn't scare him off totally. 

I put a link to the video on the computer and played it a few times.  He got mad and tried to stop me, then went around throwing papers and knocking things over.

  I ignored him and let it play.  I went out of the room and he went over to the computer.  I expected him to shut it down right away, but he actually watched the video twice first before closing it out.  Hopefully he will watch it again this weekend.  School starts on Wednesday.

Throughout this ordeal, Drew ripped Mrs. H.'s glasses off, slammed the door on my toe, (why did I wear open-toed shoes?) Blake bit Drew on the 
arm and left a huge bruise.  

I am tired.  The school always wants our kids to arrive late or leave early so they can use the boys' aides for bus duty or whatnot.  I don't think it's right.  They want to do what is convenient for them, not what is in the boys' best interest.  I hate feeling like everything's a fight.  I hate that I am being so pessimistic.  

I know God has this under control.  I need peace.  I'm going back to work on Monday to a different position and I am not confident I can do it well.  I guess it will all work out ok, it always does, right?


Anonymous said...

If you want to try to take Drew again maybe you could try on Monday since the boys will be with me anyway. Blake can stay here and you and Drew can go alone. You can go again on Tuesday also if you'd like.

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

Oh, I totally get how they bite each other and feed off each others' anxiety. Some things don't go well, no matter how much you plan ahead for them. Don't let the school push you into agreeing to that by the way. They deserve to have their aides for their whole school day.