Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Drew's Evaluation

We took Drew to a private special education school today for an evaluation. He was a little nervous when we got there, and wanted to play with the door a lot. After paying for the eval, we headed to "Mrs. Mike's" office. She has a difficult last name for kids to pronounce, so she shortened it for them. Drew wanted to play with the door again. We tried to get him to sit in a chair to start the test, but he wasn't having it. She had a flip book and wanted him to identify different pictures. He found a bus picture and kept flipping back to look at that. When she asked him to do something, he said, "Wait a minute!" She followed him all over. They were on the floor together, and at one point, Drew was sitting in her chair and she was sitting in his! It was chaotic. It lasted about two hours. She recommended we start a summer program of therapy, and wants us to consider sending him there for school next year. We took Drew to McDonald's for lunch for survivng the eval. Then, we picked up Blake and dropped Drew off at school. When we got there, the kindergarteners were on the playground. Two boys came running up, yelling, "Drew's here!" and pulled him off to the playground. It did this mama's heart good.

Today is our wedding anniversary and we are going out to dinner tonight sans kids. My parents are watching them. Yay us! Eight years.