Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, Crud!

On Friday, Blake's preschool teacher left a message on my machine to call her. I didn't get the message until it was too late, so I called this morning as soon as I got the boys on the bus.

Barb, Blake's teacher, informed me that she is not going to be Blake's teacher next year. They are restructuring the program, and all the county kids are going in the afternoon, and the city kids are going in the morning. So, Barb's class will be older kids, and Blake will be too young for her class. I am so bummed. She has been a wonderful teacher. She had Drew last year, and requested Blake this year. She wrote her thesis on educating boys with Fragile X. She got to choose his new teacher. I know who she will be, and I like her, but it is just not BARB! Waaahh!


Peggy said...

Found you in the blog world...I too have 2 boys with fx! It's nice to find other people...I'll bookmark your blog. Check mine out if you'd like.

the other lion said...

My sympathies! I remember when mine had to leave his infant teacher. I was so devestated. I don't think we have even fully recovered now--a year later! But I have learned a lot, and so have his new teachers!