Saturday, July 28, 2007

I am a winner!

Thursday afternoon, I came across a blog called Rocks in My Dryer
She was hosting a giveaway called The Doggy Days of Summer Giveaway. There were links. Lots of links. I'm talking 500 links of people hosting giveaways. I about died when I saw it. I'm always up for a contest. I sign up for drawings at all the fairs and in the mall, but never win anything. Unless it is a free telemarketing phone call for vinyl siding or something. Anyway, while the boys were napping, I signed up for a whole bunch of giveaways. And it was addicting. So after they went to bed for the night, I sign up for a whole bunch more. And I won! More than one. Real, non-vinyl siding prizes. I won a 6 fl. oz. bottle of Amazing Grace shampoo, bath & shower gel AND a 6 fl. oz. bottle of the 3-in-1 in Cinnamon Buns from Kristen at Diary of a Shoe Addict. I won a personalized children's CD from Dawn at A Blonde And Her Blog , a handmade bracelet from Angie at The Toybox Blew Up aaaannnndd (can you believe there's more? Me, either!) I won Mini-Moo Cards from Amanda at Oh Amanda!. I am a little guilty because I won so many things, but not guilty enough to turn any down! Hey,they are really great prizes!!! Anyway, thanks so much for all the givers, and I heard that Shannon may be doing a giveaway in the fall. If so, I am totally giving away something awesome.

Thank you to Chris for helping me fix my links.


oh amanda said...

Look at you!! How cool that you won so much stuff! You deserve it!

Christopher said...

your husband should be able to help with the links. But in case he is too busy at work, here goes... When you go to enter a link you can use a html tag.
For example,
So the tag is:
a href="place Link here" Give it a name /a

You need to place < before the a href and a > after the " and a < before the /a and a > after.

Get it a try

Kristiem10 said...

Thanks Chris. I had entered the URL, but I didn't give it a name, so it was coming up blank. I fixed it, thanks to your tutorial. I didn't even mention my issue too Eric because he usually just rolls his eyes and mumbles something under his breath and "*something-something* blog...."

momrn2 said...

WOW! That's amazing that you won from so many places!! Congrats!! and Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

WTG!! Thats a bunch of stuff. I don't do contests...I'm a free sample junkie. Thats like always

ablondeblogger said...

Congrats on winning my contest Dawn (there were three "Dawns" who entered my contest...the most duplicate names I, huh? Ironically, the second most repeated name was "Amanda" which is my daughter's name.)

I won seven contests myself! Wasn't it so much fun! I'm with you...I felt guilty but couldn't bear to part with any of the gifts after working so hard to enter!