Saturday, August 4, 2007

File that trip under...

.."More Work Than Fun". The kids were excited to get going. Drew was a little disappointed that he wasn't going in Grandma's car, but Aunt Kelly's van is almost as fun.

We went on the first day of the fair in the late afternoon. We thought we'd go for non-riding activies, such as horse shows, animal barns, possibly even take in a kids' show. Har. Har.

We prepped the kids (ten year old nephew Kyle, especially) that we would not be going on rides, but seeing all the other fun parts of the fair.

We came across some pig races, and thought we'd check them out. My niece Danielle was all for it. The boys? Not so much.

We got everyone calmed down, and watched a couple races. The bugle that signaled the start of the race was just too loud. So, we opted to see a horse show. Blake was scared of the horses at first. Of course, this is the child who is afraid of birds. There were horses everywhere. Lining up to show their stuff. After awhile, Blake said, "Hey Horse, what you doing?"

It was so hot. Danielle said, "When I get hot, I get dirty." No kidding, girl. You sure do.

We saw the butter cow. Yep, that bad boy (well, girl I guess) was made of all butter!

The next day included lots of rides, but no pictures. It also included a blowout diarrhea attack which required a jog to the van for new underwear (doesn't everyone carry an extra pair in their vehicle?) a purchase of new shorts for said diarrhea victim and a bottle of Gatorade to make him feel better. I am not mentioning names, but it wasn't my kid. tee hee.

The last day, we went to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, but that is a post for another day.


Bekki said...

Now that sounds like a fun trip :)

Chris said...

Any more pictures from the GREAT OHIO STATE FAIR!

Peggy said...

Great fair stories! I have yet to take my kids to my home-town's just always SOOO hot and I'm chicken I guess :) I remember the butter cows...nice memories for me (Iowa State Fair)...