Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We HAVE to get this child potty trained!

Blake loves to remove his Pull Up. Although annoying, it is usually easily fixed. Just velcro the sides back together. Well, Easy Ups were on sale, and we had a coupon. Easy Ups do not have velcro. Blake doesn't care if they have velcro or not, he still tears the sides. So, I duct taped it back on him. He is not very happy about the situation. Hopefully it will deter him from doing it again. I am not holding my breath, though. This isn't the first time we've duct taped his pants back on. lol!


Anonymous said...

lmao!! Now thats a picture. I'm sure you don't see the humor though.

I know how you feel. There was a day when Matt was about 8 or 9 that I declared war on pull ups. I was just so darn irritated at the pullup and Matt. So I told him that this was the way it would be. We had two weeks of Walmart bags full of pee clothes coming home from school or daycare. But as time went they dwindled down. Now we just have the rare occasion of having pee clothes come home. He still doesn't say when he has to pee but if we get him on there every 2-3 hours he will go and we will be accident free.

It'll happen :)

Kristiem10 said...

He does look forlorn, doesn't he? He's funny, because he'll say, "Pee goes in the potty, not our pants." He's got that part down. lol. Drew was five when he was potty trained, but he had a more laid back personality. Blake can't sit still long enough to get the job done. Drew would sit on the potty 15 minutes until something happpened, and he was just fine with it.