Sunday, August 19, 2007

The wedding of the year

My niece Jennifer got married Saturday. The wedding was held at the Schuster Center in Dayton, Ohio. I was expecting it to be in a banquet room. That is laughable, looking back at that thought. It was a beautiful setting. The bride and groom were gorgeous, and of course, happy.

I was excited that I got 24 hours without the kids. Not that I don't adore them, but it was nice to just be a wedding guest, and not a harried mother of two wild kids. As a result, this wedding guest imbibed a little too much. Here is a picture of me and my cute husband before the drinking began:

Here is one after quite a bit of drinking:

There are way more incriminating pics to be found

We got a chance to visit with Eric's brother's family, who lives in Las Vegas, (Hi guys!) and that was fun. There was much dancing, including my nephew Anthony's rendition of "Thriller"

We walked a block back to our hotel and crashed. Or something. This morning we all met for brunch and watched Jennifer and Gil open wedding gifts.

We came home to two happy kids. My cousin who watched them said they were great, and had no problems with us leaving them. Yay!


the other lion said...

Look at you, pretty lady! I'm so glad you got to get away without being mommy!

VAIL said...

The bride's dress is beautiful! You and your husband are a cute pair. Glad you had a fun mini-vacation!

Peggy said...

How fun! You look beautiful!

shoeaddict said...

You are so beautiful! You have a great bone structure. I'm SOOOO happy that you got out and had a good time.

Chris said...


To see some of the Crazy Dancer pictures folow this link.