Monday, October 22, 2007

Kyle and Blake talk about Father Steve

My nephew had fever yesterday and is home from school today. Actually, he is at my house.

As he always does when he is over, Kyle is looking at our church directory. He loves Father Steve, and talks about him with me every chance he gets. I usually try to let him talk all he wants about Father Steve, because he drives everyone else crazy with it. Kyle's not even Catholic, and he is still obsessed.

This is how the conversation usually goes:

Kyle: Kristie, Father Steve--you like him?
Me: Yep, I like him.
Kyle: He's a good guy. He's a big guy, huh Kristie?
Me: Yep, he is bigger than you.
Kyle: Is he tall?
Me: Um, I guess he's tall.
Kyle: Does he have Church Shoes?
Me: Well, maybe...
Kyle: Yeah, he does. And ties. In his closet.
Me: Probably.
Kyle: Does he have church on Sunday? Yeah. He does. Two masses.
Me: Yep.
Kyle: Blake, do you like Father Steve?
Blake: Steve?
Kyle: Yeah, do you like him?
Blake: Like him?
Kyle: Kristie, Blake said he likes Father Steve, too.

And so on, and so forth. lol. We could go on for hours.

Here's Kyle showing a picture of Father Steve to Blake: