Friday, October 26, 2007

Things that make me happy

Oreo Cakesters are so! very! good! If you haven't already, you must try them.

Now why would these ugly old shoes make me happy? They are sooo comfortable. I love them. I have had them for years. I wish I had a new pair of them, but I can't find them, of course. They wouldn't be the same even if I could. These shoes were on my feet them Blake and I got caught in high water and had to climb out the window of my car. They have a crack on the sole, and I can't wear them when it rains, but that's ok. I still love them.

Surprises from friends make me happy. Isn't this a cute bracelet?

Pretty brides and bargains make me happy. :) I bought this frame on clearance at Dollar General yesterday for 20 cents. Yes, you read that right. 20. I ordered the picture from my niece's wedding for less than a dollar, and I had some scrapbook paper I made a matte from, put it all together, and voila! Pretty. And cheap!


Chris said...

What website did you order the picture from?

shoeaddict said...

What is the bracelet made of?

Kristiem10 said...

The bracelet is made of sterling silver rings strung on a stretchy band.

the other lion said...

i tried to comment on elmo and buzz yesterday, but something must have gone awry. i think it is cute that that's what they picked. i found a buzz costume at walmart -- the only one left and it was punkin's size-- and didn't buy it. of course it wasn't there a week later when i went to buy it. but then i found a very plush elmo. so he's gonna be elmo.

your boys look adorable!

PerryRocks said...

I was wondering about those Cakesters. I will have to try them. And how cute on that frame!
Gotta love being a Bargain Shopper!