Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Ready to go!

Waiting for Daddy to change out of his work clothes

Blake refused to carry his bag, and he wouldn't say "Trick or Treat". He would reach into people's bowls and take a piece, and say thank you, all the while watching out for scary kids.

Oops! Saw one!

Watching for cars

Grandma V and the boys

Kyle and Danielle at Grandma and Grandpa V's house.


Chris said...

Trick or Treat was early! do they not have TRick & treat on this coming wednesday? I like the Blake's costume. What did Eric dress up as ????

Kristiem10 said...

The always do it the Thursday before Halloween. Not sure why. It was a pretty nice night for it, though. Eric, hmm, he dressed up as a dad. Can you see him dressing up? Maybe he should have done that punk-rocker thing with the fake earring and spray painted hair like when he was a kid.

Chris said...

I think you should post that picture i have not seen it for a long time!!

Kristiem10 said...

If I had it I would. I think your mom has it.

Anonymous said...

You are sooo lucky that they wear costumes. Matty won't wear costumes anymore and it makes me sad :(. We now buy him a Halloween t-shirt and call it good.