Thursday, October 4, 2007

Totally Random Randomness

So, tonight my bunko group meets at my house. My cousin Annie is hosting it here. She lives about 40 miles away from most of the members, so I volunteered my house. The nice part is, I only have to clean it up and she is bringing all the food. Actually, she dropped it off this morning on her way to work. Work for her is teaching at Drew's school. So he thought that was kind of weird to have Mrs. G come over this morning. I have to try to find two substitute players for tonight and two people on my sub list already said they couldn't do it. Ack! Phone anxiety. I'd make Annie do it, but like I said, she has to work all day. Yuck.

Blake loves Curious George. He kind of reminds me of Blake. A michievous little monkey. lol. I always did like that George.

Eric and I watched Knocked Up last night. After the boys went to bed, we watched it in the toyroom. Blake got out of bed as the previews were starting, and he thought it was funny that we were watching the toyroom television. But it is not exactly child-appropiate, so I put him back to bed. We watched the first hour of the movie, but Eric wanted to watch the Top Chef finale so I read a book from 10:00-11:15. Then we watched the last hour and fifteen minutes of the movie. That is WAY past my regular bedtime. So I am dragging a bit this morning.

Which brings me to another bit of randomness. The lady I clean for on Thursdays called last night and cancelled, so I have the afternoon to myself. I plan to sleep! Otherwise my eyes may not be able to focus on the dice during bunko tonight. lol. I am old.

My little naked boy just came up to me and gave me five. He said, "Where's your pants?" (Hey! That's my line!) He loves to remove his Pull Up. I am forever telling him to keep his pants on. He ran outside this morning in his Pull Up when he saw Drew's aide pull in the driveway. She always says hi to him. Sometimes he tries to get in her car. And Drew tries not to.

Ok, so I'll stop boring you with my randomness today.


Chris said...

Ok so I should know this, but "BUNKO"???? I get that it has dice, so it is like Yahtzee or Craps!

the other lion said...

I am playing Bunko on Monday! And we love George, too. (Or Money as Punkin calls him.)

Kristiem10 said...

Chris, bunko is a group of ladies getting together to eat and talk. Those are the official rules. Just kidding. It's not like Yahtzee or Craps. Every group plays bunko a little differently. I am serious. I tried to type out how we play, but it gets confusing. Google it for a good general idea of how it is played. :) Sorry for the paltry explanation.