Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trip to the farm

Yesterday, we took a trip to Brumbaugh Fruit Farm. Drew had gone on Tuesday to the farm for a field trip and it was a great success. We thought since he liked it so much that we'd take both boys back.

It took us forever to get there due to bad Mapquest directions and a surprise detour, but we finally made it.

Drew headed right for Haymow Hysteria

Blake took his shoes off to go in Children of the Corn Box, but when it came down to getting in, he changed his mind and wanted his shoes back on.

Drew had no such problem:

Next we headed to the Enchanted Goat Fort
Blake and Drew both brushed a goat, and went down the 20 ft. slide.

Even Eric liked the slide. It reminded him of the slides we had on our school playgrounds as kids.

We walked through the Fairytale Forest and stopped at all the attractions within. For the sake of brevity (ha!) I'll spare you some of the pictures.

We went next to the Monster Mountain. I told the boys where we were headed, and Drew said, "Woo hoo!" and pumped his fists into the air. (thanks Maxwell! lol)

They all had fun going down the slide from the top of Monster Mountain

After Monster Mountain, we took a hayride(and made a stranger take a picture of us):

And lastly, the boys took ride on Willy Worm's Wagon Express:

Willy Worm's Wagon Express driver remembered Drew from the field trip. He said, "Hey! I saw you earlier in the week. You wanted to ride my tractor." Drew does a great tractor impersonation. lol.

Anyway, we had a fun time, and rounded our trip off with a stop for a Milk Chug for each of them.


shoeaddict said...

That's sweet! Everybody looks so happy. Love the family pic :)

Anonymous said...

I had to read this post at work so Matthew wouldn't get jealous that he still hasn't made it to the "punkin patch." :)

They look like they had sooo much fun. I hope the photographer did too :)