Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wedding Update

The wedding went great! The boys did a super job. Drew wandered around looking at things and talking to himself. I brought some macaroni and cheese for him, which he barely touched. Blake ate well and waited patiently for his food, which was no small task, since we ate an hour and a half after they said it was to be served. Blake sat on Grandpa V.'s lap a lot. Eventually he started roaming around too. At one point, he went to the table next to ours and stole their pretzels and hurried back to our table with them. They never even noticed, and we let him keep them. lol. We left around eight o'clock, before the band started.

Here are some pics.

Drew wandering around:

That's my nephew Kyle in the edge of the picture

Speaking of Kyle, the noise was a little too much for him. Thankfully he covered his ears and was able to keep it together.

Danielle goofing off with Eric:

Drew shunning his mac-n-cheese:

Blake after he stole the pretzels from the next table over:

And well, because it was their wedding--a pic of the newlyweds(the only one I took!):