Saturday, November 3, 2007

Going on a trip

I am going to Pigeon Forge, TN with my mom and sister! Tomorrow morning, we are leaving at 6:00. I am quite excited about it. There will be shopping, shows, and yummy food. We will be gone until Wednesday night. If by any miracle, I won a giveaway, I won't have computer access while I am gone to check my email. But I will get online ASAP. I may go through blog withdrawls. Miss me!


firstcuz said...

Have a great time on your trip! I have been thinking about you often. Wish we could get together. You are so talented. The blog looks great! Tell everyone we said hi. Blake and Drew are getting so big. Too cute:)

firstcuz said...

Have a great time! I have been thinking of you guys often. Miss you. Tell everyone I said Hi. You are so talented. Your blog is awsome!

Wendy said...

well, looky here, Ms THANG- as you were away- YOU DID WIN SOMETHING! You won the Monopoly Board game on my Fall Y'all Giveaway!
Give e a hollar when you get back, and I'll send it to you!

Anonymous said...

You will be missed. :)
Have a blast!!!

Meleah the Mommy said...

Hope your trip is going well. Congrats of winning a Monopoly Game -- you totally deserve it!