Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letter to my teenage self

This is a delayed response to a CafeMom Writing Challenge: A Letter to Your Dumb Teenage Self

Hey Kristie, yeah,it's me Kristie, sixteen years into the future. I just wanted to give you some advice. First of all, stop worrying so much about being popular. You are a unique girl, you don't have to buy name-brand clothes to be happy.

Enjoy spending as much time with Lisa as you can, because next year you'll get a job and you guys won't see each other as much. Why not? Well, you'll meet a boy and you will want to spend all your time with him. Don't forget about Lisa. She is a great friend, and you will miss her friendship in the future.

When you are a junior, you will have a big crush on a boy named after a fish. Do NOT ask him to prom. You will think he is fun and dangerous, and the truth is, he is dangerous. And not a nice guy. Just ask that little pipsqueak Eric Meyer out. You'll start dating him a month later, anyway.

You are a smart girl. I know math and science are hard for you. That does not make you dumb. Just try your hardest, and you'll be fine. Your ACT score will actually surprise you. And don't waste it. I know you will just want to get married and have kids, but don't neglect your education. Apply yourself. And stop rolling your eyes! I mean it. I am 31 and I would like to go back to college. Now I have to start at the very beginning! You won't get married for awhile anyway.

Speaking of marriage and kids, things are not going to turn out like you think they will. There are going to be some big challenges ahead. Just put your trust in God and everything will work out ok. You are going to love your kids. Like crazy. And the pipsqueak? He isn't so skinny anymore. Neither are you! So enjoy it while you can.


Future You

PS- when you go shopping and see some bib overalls that you think you must have, for all that is good in the world, please pass them up. You will cringe to see yourself in them later.


Anonymous said...

lmao...too funny but oh soo true.