Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So gross!

Edited to say that in no way, shape or form am I upset with Blake's school that he came home with his shirt so wet! He is a chewy boy, and it just happens. Not a big deal. Hey, it was something related to Fragile X to blog about. No worries! I love you all!

Look at how sodden Blake's shirt is! Disgusting. He chewed on the same shirt on Thanksgiving when he was excited. It was just as wet in the front and I had to change his shirt. He came home from school like this today. It makes me wonder two things. First, I wonder if he had small group gym today? (He gets really excited in the gym) and second, I wonder if I sewed another button on that shirt, if he'd eat it off again?


the other lion said...

Yes, he would eat the button. Let's face it. Our boys would eat anything. (Except what they are supposed to--like chicken.) He looks just like Punkin with his fingers in his mouth like that. He tried to chew on a balloon again last night. And he's taken to putting dvd's in his mouth. Which, by the way, makes them not work. Which, by the way, makes your son have a huge fit because he cannot watch Mickey Mouse.

Maddy said...

We have a chewer too, no longer clothes so much just his fingers.

Anonymous said...

Blake's shirt was pretty wet when I got him for therapy, but I may have woned him up a little bit with growling at each other. And may have helped in soaking the shirt. Sorry.

Kristiem10 said...

Shelly, don't be sorry! I am not upset. Grossed out, yes. But that is life. My nephew Kyle used to chew his sleeves until they were wet up to the elbow.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember those chewy days...totally wet shirts. Yep. Now he just touches everthing to his mouth, but doesn't put it in--progress! (peggy e)