Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

We went to the inlaws for lunch. My husband's aunt Jane was there. This is her first holiday since her husband died. I was glad she was able to spend it with family. They had no kids, so I'd hate for her to have to be alone. She is so sweet.

The boys were wound up. Drew had been talking about going to Grandma and Grandpa Meyer's new house for a couple days. We stopped on the way to get a newspaper so we could look at the Black Friday ads. Blake was very hungry and had a hard time waiting for lunch. I got him all set up first. We got Drew's plate arranged, and I put his plate at the table in the kitchen. At that table was me, Blake, Ashley, her boyfriend Jeremy. Drew wanted to sit in the other room with Grandma and Grandpa, Jane, Eric, Mark, Annette and Ed. I wouldn't let him, and he was not too happy about that.

After lunch, we cleaned up the kitchen and looked at the ads. We exchanged names for the Christmas gift exchange. We hung out there until about 5pm, and left for my side of the family's celebration. My extended family gets together once a year on Thanksgiving. I have 17 cousins, and they all had their families with them. Many of my cousins' kids have families and they were there, too. Here's a couple pics my cousin Jim took:

That is my family in the front of the picture. Of course, none of us is looking at the camera, but hey! we were busy stuffing our faces.

My cousin Craig heading up the food line.

My cousin Jim has the pictures posted on, and he had this to say:

Hilgefort Family Thanksgiving at Minster Union Hall. It is worth noting that although everyone here is either related to or is married to someone in the Hilgefort Family, not one person is actually named Hilgefort. Grandma and Grandpa Hilgefort had 4 daughters and no sons; these are many of the descendants.

Very interesting, eh?


Anonymous said...

Holy cow...that is A LOT of folks!!