Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Night Insomniac

Ok, so can it really be considered insomnia when it's only 11:45pm and you have really only been trying to go to sleep for a half hour? I am getting a cold, and feeling a little yucky. Eric came to bed and started snoring immediately. Lucky duck. I had been reading in bed (Widow of Larkspur Inn--good book!) and blowing my nose with toilet paper. Don't you hate when that happens? Fresh out of tissues and my nose starts running. So, as I said, Eric comes to bed and begins snoring right away. And of course, this just irritates me. I am tired of blowing my nose, so I stick a bunch of toilet paper in my nose and try to go to sleep. But TP in the nose is neither attractive (not that it mattered to my sleeping husband) or comfortable. So I decided to get up and take a Sudafed and a Melatonin. So I am waiting for the Sudafed to kick in before going back to bed, and hoping to post this before the Melatonin kicks in. Oh, and I also took a disgusting Zicam, which I have posted about in the past HERE.

Mom and Dad came over tonight for the first time since they've been back from vacation. The first thing Drew said when he got home from school was, "See Vagedes?" I told him that Grandma and Grandpa might come over. He sat in the living room most of the afternoon. I tried to convince him to go play in the toyroom since I was reading my book and his squawking at the couch was on the distracting side. Have you ever heard this phenomena? Here:

Anyway, even after enticing him with Flushed Away, his favorite DVD of the moment, he wouldn't budge. I said, "Drew, what are you doing?" He said, "I'm waiting. For Vagedes." Little sweetie. When Mom and Dad finally showed up, the boys went ballistic. They ran Grandma through her paces. First it was the game called "Stinky" where she pretends to be sicked out by their -you guessed it-stinky feet. Then they had to play "That's not the potty" A game that is not as gross as it sounds. Drew runs and tells Grandma that he has to go potty, and she follows him. He sneakily (or not) leads her to a place that is not the potty. Get it? Usually this is his bed, or even better, mine. She grabs him by the ankles and pulls him saying, "That's not the potty!" Blake gets in the action by getting in bed with Drew and screaming "That's not the potty!" at Grandma. It is so amusing. lol. Then we danced with Blake in the living room whereupon he decided to get his grandpa and daddy involved. He came in the kitchen to where they were (looking at stocks, of course) and grabbed Grandpa by the arm, dragging him in to dance. Then he got his daddy. We were all dancing except Drew, who by this time was so wound up that he retreated to his bedroom to screech at the bed awhile.

Speaking of beds..I think I'll try again. Surely the Melatonin is strting to work. I am hitting wrong keys left and right. G'night!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! My kids love the stinky feet game. It's awesome. And I laughed so hard about Drew screeching at his bed...that is soo Mat

Hope you feel better today.