Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You know it's bad when...

you can't taste Doritos. This cold of mine is no fun! I lost my sense of taste yesterday morning. And for some reason, that doesn't make me want to stop eating, as some might think. No, for me, it is a challenge. It seems that when I lose my sense of taste I need to keep trying different things, just to be sure.

I took the advice of my readers and got some Zinc for my cold. I went to Dollar General, the only store in this town besides our little grocery. They didn't have Cold-eeze, but they did have Zicam. They had cherry-flavored fast melts. The Zicam people lie. They were neither cherry flavored, or fast-melting. It was so nasty! Have you ever licked a Slinky? Me either. But I imagine that trying to get a Zicam fast-melt to melt in your mouth (fast!) while having your sense of taste messed up is very similar to licking a Slinky. I do not recommend it. I have been licking the Slinky every three hours since I got them.

This morning I can taste a little bit! If I breathe out through my nose while eating my food. lol. I'll try anything! I just love food that much.

My stomach is recoiling at the thought of what I must do now. It is Slinky time.


Anonymous said... is sooo good (and true). My hubby has the dreaded cold this morning too. Yep, it has even hit us all out west too. He is not happy at all. Good luck with the slinky, I mean Zicam, and hope you feel better soon :).

Peggy said...

Ooh. Sorry. Hope you are better's that time of year (allergies, colds...) and I'm probably not far behind.