Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Christmas Greetings

I intended to post a message wishing all of my readers a Merry Christmas. But, I got way busy and forgot. It was a great holiday for our family. Saturday night, Blake was still sick, so Drew and I went by ourselves to my dad's mom's house. I got to see most of my relatives. There were a few missing, but some I haven't seen in years! (Hi Natalie!) Drew wandered around and opened and closed the door to the garage a lot. Every now and then, he'd appear for a snack or a drink from his water bottle. When people started leaving, I said, "Now Drew, don't leave with anyone, ok?" He said, "Mom, you go downstairs!" lol! He apparently thought my admonition was absurd. When we got in the car to go home, he said, "I can't want to go home. Not bed, Mommy. I stay here."

Sunday night was my niece and nephew's Christmas program at their church. It was sweet. Kyle had the first line of the program. He looked so nervous beforehand, but he got up there, and said, "Welcome to our Christmas program" quite well. My niece Danielle was an angel and sang "Away in a Manger". It was a cute program.

On Christmas Eve, I decided I needed to pick somthing up from the grocery. Drew wanted to come along, so I let him. We got in the car and he said, "I go see Santa? At the mall?" I said, "Not today. But I think he's coming to our house tonight." He said, "But I want to.." And, as I blogged about recently, I am a pushover. So I said, "Ok, let's go!" He had such a fun time. He sat right on Santa's lap and said hello. After the picture, Drew said, "See you later" to Santa Claus.

After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and I gave the boys baths. While they were in the bathroom, the doorbell rang. Drew said, "It's Santa!" Next we heard a loud "Ho ho ho!" coming from the vicinity of the computer speakers. The boys were so excited, we scrambled to get them dressed. We got in the living room in time to hear Eric thanking Santa Claus for stopping, and that we'd see him next year. The boys ran to the front window and flung open the curtains to see Santa, but alas, it was too late! It was then that they noticed that he had delivered presents for them. I have never seen two children (well my two children open presents so fast. It is a good thing Eric videoed it, so we have some proof that they actually opened them. I did get a few pictures as well. Eric gave me a Rowenta iron, something I have been wanting. Also, the biggest surprise was 8 weeks of dancing lessons! We are going to learn to waltz, foxtrot, and swing dance. Yay! I am so excited. After exchanging gifts we went to his sister Annette's house. Three hours, many appetizers and a card game later, we headed home.

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve:

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Part II-Christmas Day--coming soon.


Chris said...

Sounds like at GREAT Christmas Eve!! Dance Lessons!?! You will have to take pictures of Eric dancing!!!!