Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This post is random

but you better comment. Yes, this means you! You!

Do you ever just forget you liked something a whole lot until you experienced it again? (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

I am so loving my mp3 player. I forgot how much I like just listening to grownup music. Like, I am so used to listening to the Wiggles, Barney or Get Moving (kids) CD in our van that I just don't listen to that much music. And when the kids aren't with me (a rare occurance) I usually listen to talk radio.

And you'd probably laugh if you saw everything that was on my playlist. I have everything from The Cars to The Beach Boys to AC/DC to Julie Andrews. (How do you solve a problem like Maria, anyway?)

Anyway, I am just sharing my bliss. Share yours. (If you don't want to create a username and all that, you can just post anonymously. But sign your name.)


stacey said...

ok, here goes! i was an avid reader as a young girl/pre-teen. i loved all the books you could imagine a girl would; nancy drew, ramona, little house on the prairie, and so on. i have not done it in awhile, but i LOVE reading them as an adult! i can't wait for my dtr to get a few years older so we can read them together!!

i have visited once before, but just wanted to say i love your site and hearing about your boys. i even printed the new fragile x research you shared for our office.

Kristiem10 said...

Aww, thanks for posting! I am glad you like my blog. Stick around. :)

And, I have recently considered reading the Ramona books again. I loved those when I was a kid.

the other lion said...

Whenever my friend is brave enough to get in my car (it's pretty yucky inside), she always asks, "Uhm, do we have to listen to Veggie Tales?"

Paula Fasciano said...

Hmmm..I can't get enough of my Sirius satellite radio....yes, mother of 2 FX boys...totally love listening to Howard Stern. I think that he is often misconstured for vulgar and offensive...I don't take offense to anything he says, and can find the complete and utter humor that is Howard Stern. No worries, I stream it to my ears only while working, and certainly don't let my boys listen to his sometimes potty mouth.
He makes me laugh....5 hours a day!

Anonymous said...

My little ones are fans of James Taylor, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Linda Eder...oh, and all the kid songs too...we tend to take turns in the car. oldest just got an IPOD for xmas. I am tempted to steal it and see if he notices. LOL. Anyway, still reading and enjoying your blog.
Peggy E.

Anonymous said...

Well, since you told me to get my mind out of the gutter I have to scratch that off my list. ;-).

My bliss is a long relaxing walk in the woods on a cozy summer day. I like to check out the flowers and the trees. I like to sit around and watch for animals to scurry by. I haven't done that in almost two years and my body aches to do it again. Summer can't get here soon enough :)

Anonymous said...

O.K. After I told you I read this everyday, I missed a couple of days. I love to read cookbooks - how nerdy is that? Another one of my favorites are toy catalogues. I love toys - it's a good thing I teach preschool! My daughter (age 23) is teaching in France this year. She took all of her Ramona books with her:)Barb

Kristiem10 said...

Barb! Since I love ya, I'll forgive you for missing some days. (As long as you read all the back-entries) lol! I totally love to read cookbooks, too! I worked at First National Bank when they first opened, and we didn't have a lot of customers yet. I borrowed stacks and stacks of library cookbooks and read through them all. The librarians were like, "Hey Kristie, back for more cookbooks?" lol. Even now, I have a cabinet FULL of cookbooks. And how cool is it that your daughter is teaching in France??