Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weird things that stick in my head

Te gusta jugar al futbol? (Do you like to play soccer?)
No, no me gusta. (No, I don't like it.)

Te gusta jugar al ajedrez? (Do you like to play chess?)
No, no me gusta. (No, I don't like it.)

Que te gusta, entonces? (What do you like, then?)
Me gusta comer. (I like to eat.)

That is from my freshman year of Spanish 1. It was the first thing we had to memorize. It may not be accurate, but I wasn't an A student. lol. Why do things like that stick, and other, more practical things fly out the window?!


Anonymous said...

I still have little sentences from French that stick in my head too. Drives me nuts. I even dream in French. No one in the SW even speaks French. But ask my what classes I took last semester and you better give me a good 15 minutes to work through that one!!

the other lion said...

I like to eat???? Hehehehehe.

Nina said...

It is annoying how we can remember useless bits of information. Of course, these days, it seems I can't even remember those. Must be "mommy brain."