Monday, February 4, 2008

The antithesis of watching the Superbowl

No, I did not watch it. I went to the theater. My sister and I were offered free tickets from some friends who couldn't go. We saw:

It was at the Schuster Center, where my niece Jennifer was married.

It was so fun! We went with some friends. We went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday beforehand, where I got a sirloin, baked potato and asparagus. Oh! And a Georgia Peach martini. So! Good! I could have stayed there all night drinking martinis. Of course, I'd have gone broke, and missed Chicago, so I limited it to one. lol.

We sat in the balcony. Kelly was funny because she is afraid of heights, and she was gripping the handrail as we found our seats. She was also worried about a guy in front of us who was leaning over the railing.

The show was great. I was so impressed with the dancing! Especially since I have been having a terrible time learning to waltz. Their moves were waaayy more complicated than that, and I can't remember to switch feet on the basic forward. And how great the women looked in their skimpy costumes! These women obviously didn't suffer from self-image issues.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I got home late, so I missed chasing Blake back to bed twenty times bedtime rituals.


Anonymous said...

That does sound better than watching the Super Bowl!!