Sunday, February 3, 2008

May I take your order?

Last night, Eric and I decided to take the boys out to eat. We called Eric's parents to see if they wanted to meet us. We got there and all the tables for six were occupied. This is a "seat yourself" kind of place, so we just stood by the door and kept watch. Blake wanted to be held, and Drew really did great, considering the amount of time we had to wait. He wandered around a little, but didn't stray too far.

When a table opened up, we sat down. We usually slip my purse or the diaper bag over their heads and the back of the chair to contain them. Their seat belt is what they call it. Drew objected to his seat belt, and Eric told him that he had to stay in his seat, then. We looked at the menus and placed our orders. I gave the boys notepads to occupy them until our food came. Drew stood up beside the table, flipped the pages over the top of the binding, and notepad in one hand, pen in the other, he said to Grandpa M, "Can I take your order?" Grandpa told him what he wanted, and Drew pretended to write it in his notebook. One by one, he took all of our orders, and then sat down. It was really cute.

A good example of outstanding imitation skills.


Mark said...

Since he likes to cook, take food orders, it seems someday he will be in the food industry. After all, that's how it parents meet.

Kristiem10 said...

lol. True, Mark. You never know.