Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fixing Woody

Blake always chews on Woody's boots. Like this:

Well, now he's done it, he chewed half of the spur off of Woody's boot. I didn't realize it but he ran into the kitchen with Woody under his arm and got out the Scotch tape. He sat down and tried to fix his boot.

He pulled off about three feet of tape.

And so the operation began.

Sadly, the operation failed, and Woody's boot is "broke" as Blake says.

Poor Woody!


Bekki said...

Oh my goodness! That made me lolfr!

Paula said...

uh need that guy from TS2 to come and fix him!!!!!! The old man who shined his boots, touched up his hair and and fixed his popped seam!!!
I dread that boys would be miserable without our 10 year old Woddy and Buzz! :-(
Hope you get him fixed! Those pictures were priceless though!

Anonymous said... funny that he thought scotch tape had to fix Woody!! I can tell what you guys go after all the time :) In our house it would have been super glue. Be happy it was 3 ft of tape ;)

The Other Lion said...

He fixed it just like in the movie! But in the movie it's his arm ... but whatever ... I have seen Toy Story 2 too many times.

Jen said...

Very resourceful!
Kyle's also a big Toy Story fan, but Buzz gets more of a workout than Woody (we're on our third). He's starting to ease off of them.....

Anonymous said...

Great problem solving! Way to go Blake!

Anonymous said...

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