Sunday, March 2, 2008


Remember how Eric got me ballroom dancing lessons for Christmas? Well, we completed the last one as of this afternoon. We have learned the basics of Foxtrot, Waltz, and Swing dance. It is so much fun! Not that we haven't had our moments of irritation and disagreemnent on how a particular figure is done. Our teacher mentioned that she has been trying to get a scoreboard installed in the studio for men vs. women.

Last weekend we went to our first real dance! We survived, and had fun, actually. We have all the basic moves down, but we lack style. We look kind of like dancing robots, or something. It was even more obvious when we watched other more experienced dancers on the floor. There were other couples from our class there, and got to know them a little better.

At the end of class today, the instructors said that if anyone was interested in continuing our lessons, our options were either individual classes or small group classes. So, we talked with two other couples and decided to do small group lessons. More economical, and less intimidating. So, we start next Sunday evening at 5:15. We are both pretty excited about it. It will be nice to learn more, and be able to go to dances and possibly make some new friends.


Anonymous said...

How fun! We don't have lessons around here or else I'd be dragging Kevin with me. I LOVE to dance :)

fragilemom said...

Oh, could I tell a story about dancing. But, I won't. Jim got me ballroom dancing lessons as well about 2 years ago. Maybe I'll blog soon about how important that was to me. We had a great time, although we too are a little, no, a lot, robotish together. Unfortunately we haven't used them since, but I wouldn't take back the enjoyment we had for anything! Keep us updated on your dancing adventures!

Umma said...

That sounds like so much fun. My dearest husband doesn't dance. He'll do the white boy head bob thing at concerts but that is it, lol. Ballroom dancing is so much fun!