Saturday, February 23, 2008

I should have known

From time to time, I will tape the artwork Drew and Blake bring home from school to their bedroom doors.

Yesterday, there was no school, and the boys and I were talking about letters. I think Drew started it with spelling his name. Blake started yelling, "H, H, H!" I said, "H says huh." Drew kept spelling his name then commanded me to spell Blake's name. I spelled it for them. Then I thought we could turn it into a lesson for name spelling. I drew all the letters of his name on different colors of construction paper. I cut them out. Blake practiced snipping with some strips of paper I made for him. We glued the letters to another piece of construction paper, and voila! A sign with Blake's name on it. We taped it to the door. We spelled it out. The plan is to spell it out every time we go in the room. After awhile, he should be able to do it himself. Do not laugh at the crooked cutting job. This is not a professional job. lol.

Well, we spelled B-L-A-K-E this morning after I changed his pants. Drew spelled it too, then said, "Mom, where's Drew's sign?" I said, "Do you want one with your name on it?" He said, "On my door!" So, we made one for him. He was so excited, he went into his room, saying, Drew's room! and shut the door. That's Drew's hand pointing to his new sign.

Blake pointed at his sign and said, "H!"


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Looks good to me, the colors are nice and bright to see thier names. Good Dancing Sat night. I didn't have the right DNA code for the MS code, they were using in the test. 5 people did, 2 of us did not.

the other lion said...

Clever mommy! I love it.

Anonymous said...

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Umma said...

Very cute and a great idea.