Friday, February 1, 2008

No School!

School was cancelled today. Now when they cancel, we get an automated phone call from the superintendent. We got two calls. First was at 6:15 that school was on a two-hour delay. Then later we got a call that it was cancelled. This was for our local school district. Since Drew's school is in another town, we go by what our local school does with delays and such. Drew's actual school did not cancel, so he will probably miss the 100th day of school celebration. We put a hundred car stickers on a shirt for him to wear. I don't think he'll be extremely disappointed.

Here it is. The back is covered with stickers too. He helped put them on for a while, but he got tired of it and told me he was done. I got tired of putting them on myself! Good thing for all those number stickers. There are seven sets of 1-9. I had to pull paper off the backs of every one of those.


Anonymous said...

I've finished a few of those for school art projects :) Cute shirt

Anonymous said...

Ah, we had to do 100 day posters and then they walked around the halls in a parade holding them. Memories... (Peggy E)