Saturday, March 15, 2008

I have a friend

When I was pregnant with Blake five years ago, I joined a message board for mothers who were due in April. We posted together when our babies were born, and we called them Spring Chicks. Over time, we shifted to a private board and there were fewer members.

I remember realizing there was a girl from Ohio named Bekki on my board. One time she asked me if I wanted to meet up at Cosi in Columbus. I was nervous about it, but agreed. I brought along my Spring Chick and she had her kids with her. She was so sweet!

We started emailing each other regularly, and a friendship was formed. We realized we had quite a lot in common, including the hobby of scrapbooking. We went to a scrapbook convention together, she and her family came over for Liberty Days:

We even went to Las Vegas together!

I met up with Bekki again today and we had so much fun! We went shopping and at at the best Japanese Steakhouse I've ever been to. (Ok, so it's the only one, but it is so! good!) I am not even kidding.

Ok, so back on topic. I think it is so cool that someone I met on a message board five years ago has become one of my closest friends. We email each other every day, and I wish we lived closer together.

We are going back to Vegas in the fall, and hopefully this summer we'll get our families together again. Bekki is an awesome friend!


Shelly said...

That is a fabulous friendship story. I met my friend Joan a few years ago on a forum board too. I live in PA and she lives in FL but we talk via phone a few times a week and have met up twice. Last month we both took a trip together to Atlantic City NJ and had a fabulous time!