Friday, March 14, 2008

Snowball fight

Wednesday when Mrs. H dropped Drew off after school, she said, "Drew, you'll have to go play in the snow!" It was a perfect day for it, really. There were patches and piles of snow all around our house, and it was almost fifty degrees. He wanted to wear his snowpants and boots, so we got him dressed, and out he went. I went out to check on him every few minutes, and he was happily making snowballs.

One time he noticed me checking on him and, holding up a snowball, said, "Ready, Mom? Here it comes!" And that child threw a snowball at me. I screamed dramatically and dodged it. He laughed like crazy. Then he said, "Mom, get me. On my back!" So, I made a snowball and he turned around and and threw it at his back. More laughter. More snowballs and screams.

Blake had been inside the house, and at this point, heard all the fun. He came to the door in his Pull Up and said, "Drew! Over here!" like he wanted to get hit with a snowball! The last time he played in the snow, he wasn't that excited about it, so I hadn't even asked him if he wanted to go out earlier. But I could see that he wanted to, so we got him dressed and he came out, too. Again he wouldn't wear his gloves, but with it being so warm out, I wasn't as worried.

Drew got right in the snow, kneeling in it to get better snow for his snowballs. Blake was more tentative and picked up snow from the edges of the piles. We threw snowballs at each other. There was lots of screaming--mostly by me. And there was lots of laughing. Too bad it couldn't always be fifty degrees when we play in the snow!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! That must have been soo much fun :)