Thursday, March 6, 2008

Small Talk

1. We lost our electric yesterday due to the ice storms we had. Both boys hated it, even though it was still daytime and plenty bright in our house. Blake wanted me to hold him. Drew kept saying, "the lights are broken?" I explained the best I could, but we ended up going to my mom and dad's house until the "lec-lick" (as Blake called it) came back on around ten in the evening.

2. I really need to come up with a better way of organizing the toyroom. These Rubbermaid tubs I have are just not cutting it. Every day, one of the boys wants me to help them find a little toy, and we have to dig through all FIVE of the tubs looking for a Slinky, or Woody's hat, or whatnot.

3. There is something wrong with the pool at Drew's school, and his aide told me it will be several weeks until they can go swimming again. Drew is not very happy about this. Especially since he only recently started loving the pool. He was scared and cried a lot at first. Now he looks forward to Mondays when he sees Jason, his instructor.

4. Drew changes his underwear a lot. Sometimes, if he dribbles in his pants on the way to the bathroom he'll go in his room and change. That is fine, but he puts his old underwear back in his drawer in a wad. Today, I went to get out some underwear for him to put on after his bath, and I only found one pair of clean pants. The rest of them were wadded up. Now, the other night, when he was supposed to be sleeping, I caught him changing his underwear. His old ones were clean, I asked him why he was changing, he just said, "I want these" so I am not sure what is clean and what is not. Thankfully there were a pair in there still folded this morning. The rest went in the washer.

5. I can't think of anything more. :) Have a nice day.


fragilemom said...

I do the tubs too, but I only bring out one tub at a time. We switch out every week or so. When it's time to switch out, it's amazing because the kids love it and think they get all new toys...even though they've had all the tubs out several times at one time or another.

Anonymous said...

We swapped out our toy boxes for toy bins. LOVED IT!! They worked so well. You can find them at Target/Walmart/Kmart, etc. Here is a link to show you what I'm talking about:

Jen said...

2. We've struggled with organization. What makes it tricky is that the boys don't always "outgrow" toys. Examples: Thomas..we started with die-cast, went to wooden, and then on to the battery operated plastic. This has gone on for about 13 years! Potato Head..the original, Star Wars version, and the Toy Story versions (Mr. and Mrs.).
They are finally starting to move away from playing with many of their toys, but I can't get rid of them because we have Evan who will be enjoying them soon.
4. Kyle also has a thing about underwear. His latest is that he will spot the smallest hole imaginable (up by the tag), hold them up to his face and try to look at me through the tiny hole, and say, "They're ruined." Usually, they aren't even that old, but sometimes I think he tries to create holes there.