Saturday, March 8, 2008

blizzards, daylight savings and blood

I am happy that it finally stopped snowing! We were under a blizzard warning all day yesterday and today until four o'clock this afternoon. The roads are terrible, and snow is drifting like crazy. Tomorrow is supposed to be better, and temperatures are supposed to be in the fifties later this week.

Daylight savings time starts tomorrow! Officially at 2am. We will probably just change our clocks before bed. We'll have one less hour of sleep, but Sundays are Eric's day to get up with the boys. Yay me! They got up at 5:50 today. Hopefully they will sleep longer for him.

Blake cut his finger tonight while I was making supper. I had opened a can of green beans. Well, Blake loves green beans, and tried to reach in the can to get some out. I hadn't removed the lid totally, and he got his finger caught in the can. I saw what he did, and told him to stop, that I'd help him, but he yanked his hand out, and cut his finger. It bled pretty hard, and he wouldn't let us put a bandaid on it, so I held him with a paper towel on his finger until the bleeding stopped. It has a little flap that probably needs snipped off. I may be brave and try to do that once he's asleep.


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Poor Blake! Matty isn't fond of band-aids either. We use that liquid band-aid stuff. Hope your weather and Blakes finger is better today :)