Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dining out

Eric was gone last night, and we had some coupons from Grandma and Grandpa V. from Valentines Day for free kids meals from Frish's Big Boy. My sister Kelly had some coupons for her kids too, so I called her and asked if they wanted to go with us.

We met at her house. Before we got there, she said she wanted to stop at the Verizon store to see about getting wireless internet. My nephew Kyle was quite excited about going out to eat. Well, Drew and Danielle both fell asleep in the van so we decided to stop at the Verizon store before we ate. This was a different plan than the original, and Kelly warned her son Kyle about it. Well, Kyle doesn't like changes of plans much and thought he was going to have a fit about it. I dropped Kelly off at the store and we drove around the parking lot for a minute. It became obvious that she was going to be awhile, so I decided to park the car and see what I could do to entertain Kyle. Blake was just thrilled that Kyle was with us.

I had my camera with me, so I started taking pictures of them. It worked, he was distracted. He directed who I should take pictures of next:

First we have Blake:
Notice the double restraints? He's a houdini.

Then we have Drew, who was awake by this time:

And of course, Kyle is cheesing for the picture.

Next we have Danielle, who was oblivious to it all. I swear the girl sleeps like the dead.

A few minutes passed and Blake got bored and removed his shoes and socks and threw them at me. Kyle thought this was hilarious, but soon bored of that. So I let him take pictures of me with my camera:

Finally, Kelly returned and we went to Big Boy.

They all waited patiently while we were waiting for our table, but once we got there, some of them (I won't mention any names)wanted to EAT.

Danielle occupied her time by drawing cute pictures (such a girl!)

Drew waited pretty well, but really, he couldn't go anywhere, due to the fact that he was strapped in with the diaper bag:

Blake was not fond of waiting at all. First he threw his crayons on the floor, then he started rocking the table. He yelled, he pouted, and so forth:

Eventually the food came and he was happy as a clam. Speaking of happy, Kyle was so excited about his food! He said, "Kristie, it's good. This chicken is warm, I love it. It is making my chin warm, see?" lol. What a kid.

All in all, it was a pretty good meal, and cheap! My total bill was $6.00, thanks to the coupons from the g-parents.


Anonymous said...

u r so brave

Michelle said...

free kids meals are always nice! :) He sure did look upset that he had to wait for his food; but glad to hear it ended up being a nice dinner out anyway :)