Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Neighbor

This afternoon, I was sitting on the front step, waiting for Blake to come home from school when my neighbor Paul came over on his riding lawn mower. He asked me if I thought Eric would want his yard rolled. I told him that Eric is in Chicago for the week, but I am sure he'd appreciate it. He went over and rolled our next door neighbor's yard then stopped by again. He said, "Your yard really should be mowed before I roll it. I'll put the blower back on my mower and come back later and mow it for you." I told him he didn't have to do that, that Eric could roll the yard another time. He said he'd work it out, and a little later, I heard him out there, mowing away. What a sweetie. I baked him some cookies to thank him. Not nearly enough to thank him properly, but I brought them over and told him how much we appreciate having a nice neighbor like him. His name is Paul, and my kids call him "grand-Paul".


Umma said...

Grand Paul is the perfect name for him! What a great neighbor!

Jen said...

Great neighbors are a blessing! We have wonderful neighbors next door to us.