Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Update

Ok, so I survived my job interview. It was the first one I've had in thirteen years or so. Yikes. Anyway, they will make their decision next week and let me know.

I had Blake's IEP today. I got there ten minutes early, and they were running behind. I waited for a half hour. But they were apologetic and got me finished up rather quickly. They knew about my interview and didn't want me to be late. Good thing we have a lot of IEP experience. They got me out of there in time to make it to my interview.

I was worried about not getting back in time for the boys to get home from school. Drew's aide Carol kindly said she'd stay with the boys if I didn't make it in time, but the interview only lasted 20 minutes or so. Not sure if that is bad or good. Oh well, it will work out as God intends it.


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

good luck Kristie. In my experience, short interviews are a good thing. BTW, I'm moving to TX at the end of May. You should visit this summer.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristie!! A job interview and an IEP in one day. I'm impressed you are still standing :)