Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday evening, Eric took the boys to his sister's house. I ran to the store and the bank. I came home and colored my hair. It looks rather coppery now, especially on the crown area. It is just lovely. I wonder why I continue to color my own hair when I am rarely happy with the results? Oh well. It's just hair, right?

Saturday morning, Kelly picked me up and we went to Fort Wayne to meet up with our cousins Keri and Gail. We had a great day. We didn't get home until after midnight!

Yesterday we went to church, leaving the boys with my parents, as we normally do. It is so nice of them to do this for us, and we so appreciate it! Then my mom fed us breakfast for lunch. We went home and took naps. Sunday evening, my niece Ashley came over to watch the boys, and Eric and I went to dance lessons.

We got home at 6:45pm, and Eric left for Chicago. He didn't want to miss dance lessons, so he got a later start than he would have had to. I was a little worried about him getting there safely. He didn't expect to arrive there until 12:30-1:00am. I worried that he'd get sleepy. I had a hard time falling asleep, because I was thinking he had another hour and a half to two hours to drive. I prayed for him and eventually fell asleep. He's supposed to be calling me today to let me know he made it ok. He has training there all week.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so after the boys are off to school (Drew has a two hour scheduled delay) I am heading out for a little shopping.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You aren't a busy woman at at all!

Paula said...

Hi Kristie,
Your weekend sounded busy but fun.
Can't wait to see your hair tomorrow night. What a blessing to have family close and love to watch your boys. How awesome you and Eric get to spend together!

fragilemom said...

Hey, I just got my hair WAY cut and colored 2 weeks ago, right after I turned 39. I decided, hey, why wait until 40! I actually had someone tell me I looked younger....hmmmm. I was hoping it would make me feel younger too and give me more energy with my kids! lol